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Welcome to Fashion over 40! A Fashion, Style & Beauty Blog for women over 40.
My mission is to show you that you can look gorgeous and can experiment with styles and fashion at any age. It’s all about having fun with style and fashion!
Too often women get too worried about their wrinkled face, heavier bodies, loosening skin or hair falling. Having fun with hair and makeup, fashion and new styles can help to make you look better, but also feel more confident and happy.
Looking good and being stylish is not so much about shopping whatever you like or spending so much money. It’s about dressing to your strengths, knowing your body type, and embracing your unique style.
I hope to help you in your voyage to find your own style, dress to your strengths, look Age-amazing and embrace your age.


mee-726x1024 AboutI am Ayushi Mangal, and I am the founder and editor in chief of Fashion over 40!
My mission is to get every woman over 40 feel fabulous, beautiful, empowered & confident both inside and out and the way they look so you can just enjoy life and be happy!
Although style is not the only thing that helps with that, it’s an important part of feeling good about yourself.
I have studied from Pearl Academy, Jaipur , did Fashion designing & styling from there. I have worked in various professional roles related to fashion & styling in costume industry for Tv serials and ads.
Determined not to lose my passion for fashion & Styling, I combined my TV experience and decided to start my blog on fashion over 40.





I started this community because I LOVE Styling. After working in Tv industry for 2 years and styling many celebrities including Upasana Singh and Alka Kaushal, i was not getting totally satisfied. I wanted to take my styling concept on a much bigger level.

For me styling is not only to style someone to get best dressed but also to help them in dressing anytime so that they can style themselves. Every time they can’t ask a stylist what to wear if they are going in a small party or to any hangout, i wanted to spread that style and fashion awareness to as many women as i can, who gets confuse on what/when/where to wear according to their body type and skin tone. What will look best on them and then, I thought why only celebrities? Why not all the women in this world of age over 30 or 40?
When this thought came in my mind, i came to my hometown for a break. And my mom, my aunts contacted me as they were getting problems while dressing up for events, they were getting problems regarding where they can shoppe according to their age, to take an advice from me and not only them, in their friend’s group or known circle, most of the women get these kind of problems and don’t know from where to get the solutions and many questions arrived in my mind like, Where were the clothes for women over 40? Where were the over 40 role models?

That’s when i decided to start Fashion over 40 to make you look amazing according to your age.

I don’t want you to look old and boring but i also didn’t want you to look like a trendy teen either. So how to dress right according to your age, visit my blog to read and share style posts with your friends and family and let me know if there is a topic you’d like covered.

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